KP and Muller Corner explore the (lost?) art of 30-seconds

30-second ads from FMCG companies used to be the adland staple and very seriously they were taken too. Most people’s abiding impression from their first commercials shoot was bewilderment that something so short could take so long and require a crew of about 170.

But is it a lost art in the digital era?

Here are two contemporary efforts: St Luke’s TV debut for KP Popchips, with that traditional storyline of a buttoned down boss coming over all ecstatic on being introduced to the product.

And, a newer challenge, Muller Corner and its balls with VCCP trying to maximise the dreaded “brand ambassador” and a sponsorship, in this case with UK sprint champ Dina-Asher-Smith.

Is the 30-seconds a lost art?

Popchips – corny but a certain brio gets it through

MAA creative scale: 6

Muller – balls really

MAA creative scale: 3.

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