Intel mixes it with Apple with ‘I’m a Mac’ actor Justin Long

You take on Apple at your peril but Intel, about to lose its position as supplier of Mac processors, has entered the lists with a campaign featuring actor Justin Long, who appeared batting for Apple in its famous ‘I’m a Mac’ campaign from TBWA all those years ago.

But this time he’s changed sides.

Here’s ‘Im a Mac.’

Brave (and cheeky) too of agency VMLY&R.

But if you’re going to do this you’ve got to be pitch perfect – not sure this is. First time I saw it wasn’t sure if Intel was saying Macs or PCs are better (intel is batting for the latter, obvious now)

The digerati (of which I’m not a member) don’t seem too impressed.

Maybe the campaign will develop.

For now, MAA creative scale: 4.

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