VMLY&R mines a praiseworthy cause for No7 – um, make-up

Where there’s a brand there’s a cause these days – is this because brands want to be good in the world or it’s the latest passing bandwagon?

You don’t really expect it from Boots No7 somehow (or just No7 as it seems to be in the States) but here it is, telling us that women are ‘Unstoppable’ in the US anyway, despite suffering disproportionately from the pandemic in terms of job losses and extra care responsibilities.

From WPP’s VML/Y&R.

The VMLY&R combo is one of the ways WPP CEO Mark Read is trying to get his creative agencies back to growth, presumably from a smaller base than when Y&R was a big, global network in its own right.

One might wonder what it’s all got to do with make-up, but there you go.

But this is pretty good, quite moving in parts. Maybe the unlikely combo is the way forward.

MAA creative scale: 7.5.

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