VCCP takes Green & Black’s into Attenborough territory

What to make of this one? Mondelez’ Green & Black’s chocolate has taken to the airwaves with agency VCCP to tell us it’s “wildly deliciously organic.”

You can see why G&B feels it needs to do this: the UK’s supermarket confectionery counters are rammed with ever more exotic and ‘natural’ bars, including own label. most are £2 or (often considerably) more so lots of people probably buy on price, anything that’s reduced to £1.50.

So VCCP ventures into David Attenborough territory to prove its creds with a moving montage of colourful jungle-dwelling flora and fauna. Directed by Somesuch’s Kim Gehrig.

G&B’s marketing activation director (another new one) David Clements says: “We are very excited to show what the brand stands for with our new campaign, taking Green & Black’s back to nature. It’s capturing the idea of flavour in a completely new way, with a feast for the eyes and an assault on the senses.”

VCCP creative director Caroline Rawlings says: “ We wanted to create a campaign that completely immersed you in the flavours of nature. Not the serene nature that we’re used to associating with organic food, but the wild, brutal, visceral, unadulterated nature where the best organic flavours are enjoyed.

“Not missing a drop of juice or a shard of nut. An assault on the senses. Kim got it straight away and her and her brilliant team made a film that exceeded all of our expectations of how a film made during a pandemic would end up.”

Which is a good point – no crew and actors trekking through the jungle for this one.

Wouldn’t have minded a bit of chocolate though.

MAA creative scale: 7.

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