Pablo takes nuclear option for BBC’s Comic Relief

Comic Relief’s charity fundraiser Red Nose Day will take up most of the BBC on March 19 and it’s pulling out all the stops with a new ad from Pablo, aimed at liberating yet more cash from our wallets in a 12-month period when there’ve been many more such claims than usual, thanks to the pandemic.

I’ve always been rather resistant to Red Nose Day’s blandishments, it often seems like the Soho House crowd trying to show they’re good sorts and just like us really. Anything with an excerpt from The Vicar of Dibley is to be avoided here.

But Pablo and the Beeb have wisely gone for the nuclear option by signing up national treasure Judi Dench, who makes any script sound positively Shakespearean. Aided and abetted by Dominic Cumberbatch.

Wonder how they’ll cope with social distancing, assuming we’ll still have it. Getting their retaliation in early though.

MAA creative scale: 7.

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