AKQA brings tennis to blind people with Action Audio

Agencies are good at talking the talk (chief diversity officers and the like are currently popping up like daffodils in Spring) but doing good is hard.

AKQA, now at the centre of WPP following its “merger” with Grey, has combined with Tennis Australia and Monash University to launch Action Audio. Action Audio is an online audio stream designed to make the Australian Open broadcasts accessible for the almost 600,000 Australians and 285 million people globally living with blindness or a vision impairment.

AKQA AUNZ ECD Tim Devine says: “The real innovation of Action Audio is that it requires very few new tools to implement. Our vision is that Action Audio will be rolled out to support many more sports codes and broadcasts around the world.

“This launch sets a new bar for inclusion and accessibility for every other global sports tournament that follows the 2021 Australian Open. It opens up sports to potentially millions more fans. It really is a game changer.”

Indeed. Wonderful stuff.

MAA creative scale: 10.

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