Agency of the moment Maximum Effort turns Ryan Reynolds’ talents to HighKey cookies

As many people write the obituaries of Madison Avenue-style creative agencies, where’s the magic sauce to get clients excited about creativity – as opposed to paying lip service to it?

Charisma has always been a key creative agency component, albeit one in relatively few hands. If you’re an A-list Hollywood actor who’s also pretty good at making ads then clients will fall over themselves to hire you.

Ryan Reynolds’ Maximum Effort only seems interested in projects that appeal for other than strictly commercial reasons – to date anyway – but there’ll be loads of big brands eager to jump on the bandwagon.

Latest from Reynolds and Maximum Effort is HighKey “keto-friendly” low carb cookies, in which Reynolds has taken a stake (to add to others including, somewhat strangely, Wrexham FC.)

So we have a Valentine’s Day couple hot-tubbing as they’re pestered by the Sugar Panda (V/O by you-know-who it seems.)

A somewhat protracted health warning at the end but guess that’s a selling point.

Will Maximum Effort set a trend? Reynolds might tire of ads at some stage of course. Other production companies have tried to muscle in on agency territory in the past and, mostly, failed. But in a celeb-driven world ME has charisma in spades.

This one: MAA creative scale: 7.

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