Adam&eveDDB breaks new ground for Virgin Media with gamer love story

Here’s a touching love story – ‘Faster brings us closer’ from Virgin Media and adam&eveBB – featuring two gamers (do gamers have time for that nonsense?)

Plugging Virgin’s “best ever wi-fi” (it had better be as they keep putting the price up.)

Virgin Media’s Cilesta Van Doorn says: “Building connections that really matter is why we exist at Virgin Media and, once again, we’ve put this sentiment right at the heart of our new campaign.

“In this increasingly digital era we’re living in, relationships are blossoming in new and unexpected places. For our latest ad, we’ve reimagined a classic love story that includes all of the warm fuzzy feelings you’d expect, but set in a fast-paced video game.”

A&E CSO Martin Beverley says: “During the pandemic we’ve seen a rise in online gaming, and stories of gamers finding real love in virtual worlds. Our new campaign tells one of those stories – an old fashioned love story in a new fashioned, fast-internet world. Virgin Media’s ultrafast broadband brings us closer even when we can’t meet in person.”

It’s neat new spin on your usual vroom vroom gaming ads. A&E nearly always gets these things right, with an original twist.

MAA creative scale: 8.

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