‘Today We Rise’ captures historic Kamala Harris moment through the eyes of girls across America

Kamala Harris made triple history this week as the first female, first black and first south Asian American to hold the office of US Vice President. Ogilvy has captured the moment through the eyes of girls and young women in this film for Girl Up, the gender equality youth initiative of the United Nations Foundation.

“Today We Rise” was filmed and produced by a volunteer network of photographers and cinematographers during the inauguration in over 30 households across the country. It was edited immediately after the inauguration ceremony, going live within hours of the event.

Daniel Fisher, global executive creative director at Ogilvy, said: “It is hard to sum up the impact this moment will have around the world in words, so we wanted people to experience it through the faces that will shape the future. Vice President Kamala Harris may be the first woman to hold high office in the US, but she won’t be the last. The inauguration was a huge moment in history, so it’s an honor for Ogilvy to have collaborated with Girl Up to make this film and we’re so grateful to everyone who donated their time to help us capture this inspiring event.”

Melissa Kilby, Girl Up executive director, said: “This moment is about hope and possibilities. It’s about infinite potential – not just that of Madam Vice President Kamala Harris, but of every girl, everywhere. Girls seeing her taking the oath will grow up to remember the moment they first believed they could do anything – because of what they saw her do.”

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