Johnnie Walker and AlmapBBDO offer new lockdown perspective – from outer space

The UK’s ITV wants us to keep talking, Johnnie Walker is still advising us to “keep walking” although it left the misty glens behind a long time ago.

Brazil’s AlmapBBDO has produced a tour de force with an astronaut shower (yes really) returning to earth, to remind themselves of the things they’ve missed. A metaphor, presumably, for the way we feel in lockdown. With an appearance by a real astronaut Mexico’s Danny Olivas.

Directed by Ian Ruschel + Gabriel & Quemuel (what, all of them?) Anyway they’ve done a good job.

Diageo marketing VP Paula Costa says: “With this campaign, Johnnie Walker manages to uphold the ‘Keep Walking’ spirit and to take a step further in telling a 200-year story that has always been about looking at the future and the possibilities it brings.

“As it focuses on the value of the great small pleasures of everyday life, the movie inspires us all. It also relies on diversity, this contemporary imperative, featuring as protagonists a Black actress and a real astronaut of Mexican descent.”

Boxes ticked then.

Shows praiseworthy ambition.

MAA creative scale: 8.

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