Carlsberg zeroes in on alcohol-free in new Grey campaign

Mads is back for Carlsberg, this time in a campaign by Grey Europe for 0.0 alcohol-free beer, a growing trend it seems as we try not to drink ourselves to death in the pandemic.

This time he’s touring a rather social-looking Copenhagen (with a detour into space.)

Carlsberg global brand director Julian Marsili says: “At Carlsberg we believe that there is more to beer than its alcohol content and that great moments can be made better with beer. That’s why we created a great tasting alcohol-free beer to make more moments even better. That’s what we wanted to celebrate in the ad.”

Mikkelsen is something of an acquired taste, like the beer no doubt.

But Carslberg sticks to its guns, which is more than some beer brands do.

MAA creative scale: 6.5.

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