Bloom & Wild ditches clichéd red roses on Valentine’s Day in new campaign from Mother’s Other

It takes a brave flower company to refuse to stock red roses on Valentine’s Day, but Bloom & Wild seems confident that its customers don’t want to live out a cliché on February 14th. A new campaign from Mother’s sister agency, Other, announces the bold move and urges us all to show that we “care wildly” by thinking of a more original way to show our love.

Bloom & Wild’s research suggests that red roses are not actually that well received. A majority of the population (58%) think that they are cliché and an even bigger proportion (78%) would prefer to receive a more thoughtful gift on Valentine’s Day.

Charlotte Langley, brand & communications director at Bloom & Wild, said: “Many of us want to mark Valentine’s Day with the people we love. But it’s hard to do that in a thoughtful way when it’s become a day steeped in cliché. Valentine’s Day shouldn’t be about ticking a box with a generic dozen red roses, it should be about saying ‘I know you’ and showing how wildly you care.”

Kyle Harman-Turner from Other added: “My partner, Rebecca, is a wonderfully smart, kind and inspiring woman – but if I bought her a dozen red roses, I know she’d laugh at me. Red roses have become a cliched symbol of thoughtlessness. All anybody really wants is to know that we care wildly for them, and there are many more thoughtful ways to do that.”

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