Adam&eveDDB takes Quorn global – one bite at a time

If you’re an avid news consumer (most of us are these days, however trepidatiously) you might have noticed the dreaded climate change inching up the news agenda as a little Covid light emerges at the end of the tunnel.

Very timely then for Quorn to launch its debut global campaign through adam&eveDDB, pushing at an open door for many people.

“Help the planet one bite at a time” is the message, from an eclectic selection of former meat-and-two-veg fans. Quite brave to have a black person who comes across as a bit of a twerp first too.

Quorn is also launching a new line,’Makes Amazing’ (‘amazing’ is an A&E favourite at the moment.)

Marketing director Gill Riley says: “Making it easy, tasty and healthy for everyone to reduce their meat consumption has never been so important. That’s why we’re encouraging everyone to join us in our mission to Help the Planet, One Bite at a Time. For those that need a little bit of inspiration, we have hundreds of tasty meat-free meal ideas on our website.”

Miranda Hipwell, director of client excellence at the agency (there’s a new one) says: “With our brilliant partners at Quorn we believe this new strategy will inspire small but positive changes that combine to make a significant impact on the health and happiness of customers and our planet – one Quorn taco at a time.”

Very A&E: creative, to the point, not a second wasted but nothing to frighten the horses either.

MAA creative scale: 8.

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