Vodafone shares ‘The Magic of Connection’ in Christmas campaign by Ogilvy UK

As if we needed reminding, Vodafone is showcasing the power of technology to keep us connected during the festive season. This ad features young boy with a broken leg who is forced to stay indoors while his sister has all the fun outside in the snow. His Christmas is saved by the gift of a VR headset, which lets him join in the experience.

The ad is nicely done (although the “on brand” red house is a bit much), but who’s really dreaming of a virtual Christmas this year? It’s not Vodafone’s fault, but most of us have had too much technology in 2020, and are hankering after “The magic of connection” in real life.

Max Taylor, consumer director at Vodafone UK, said: “This Christmas we wanted to celebrate the power of human connection by dramatising the special relationship between siblings.” The ad debuts tonight (Friday) on “I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here” on ITV and “Gogglebox” on Channel 4.

There’s also a partnership with The Guardian providing ideas on how do enjoy Christmas in the pandemic, and a charity partner, Barnados. In addition Vodafone is also giving away 250,000 30GB SIMs to school children, so they can stay connected to their education.

Maybe New Commercial Arts, which won Vodafone’s global creative business last month, will get to do next year’s Christmas campaign. We may all be less jaded with tech by then.

MAA creative scale: 6.5

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