Founder Daglish quits Bountiful Cow media agency

By John Reynolds

Henry Daglish, the founder of Bountiful Cow, has left the independent UK media agency after four years.

Daglish (left), a high profile figure in media, is rumoured to be launching another startup next year. He left the agency in the past few weeks.

He has left Bountiful Cow amid what is thought to be strategic differences with Jenny Biggam, the founder of media agency the7stars, which backed Bountiful Cow at launch.

The differences are thought to relate to Bountiful Cow’s growth and contribution to the7stars wider group.

Nick Maddison, managing partner at the7stars, is now in charge of Bountiful Cow on an interim basis.

Daglish, who holds around a 10 per cent shareholding across Bountiful Cow and the7stars, is now on gardening leave until March 2021.

Daglish said: “ I would like to thank the7stars for the opportunity to have set up Bountiful Cow. It is now time to move on to new and exciting opportunities ahead of me.”

Biggam and Daglish are both shareholders in Bountiful Cow. Before setting up Bountiful Cow, Daglish worked at Arena Media.

The7stars declined to comment.

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