Christmas on a Hollywood budget, with a Hollywood star, and a ‘togetherness’ message, from Comcast

It’s wonderful to see a big budget Christmas ad, with an a-list Hollywood star (Steve Carell), and plenty of brilliant observations and funny moments. Goodby Silverstein and Comcast give us all of these things, although the idea that Santa delivers “auntie’s cheek squeezes” or a “family snowball fight” under the tree is a stretch.

Santa tasks his elves with finding an extra special Christmas gift for everyone after such a hard year. One bright spark comes up with the answer “togetherness,” which they manage somehow to package up in gift boxes and distribute via the sleigh. Xfinity is an internet, TV, voice, and mobile, provider, so the “togetherness” idea is relevant to the brand.

Steve Carell, famed for his role in the US version of The Office, as well as some great films like The Big Short, Vice, and Foxcatcher, is directed by Craig Gillespie, responsible for the brilliant I, Tonya and Disney’s upcoming Cruella release. The music is Supertramp’s Dreamer.

Carell’s statement reads: “The holidays are really about moments of togetherness with the people you love, and serve as a reminder for what’s most important, especially given the hardships of this past year,”. “I hope that this sweet little story will bring a bit of cheer.”
Maybe it plays better in the US market. Plug pay-TV and broadband.

Xfinity has also launched a Pinterest activation called The Greatest Gift Shoppe, which aims to help connect families with activities like “blanket-fort” designs, holiday movie recommendations and other tips. Apparently though, Comcast has already announced its 2021 rate increases, which slightly sours the message.

MAA creative scale: 8.5

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