New agency Mother rethinks Samsung camera phones

London-based agency Mother can’t stop winning stuff these days. Now it’s added Samsung Electronics with a new creative platform – they’re everywhere these days – ‘Inspired by a True Photo.’

So the agency’s first work doesn’t bang on about Samsung’s pixel count but shows how camera phones bring people together, this time by sharing their experience of, er, onions.

Samsung 'Onions' from Mother on Vimeo.

Samsung marketing director Sharon Hegarty says: “This new platform is a completely original way to talk about smartphone photography and will open us up to a totally new audience. Camera technology has evolved rapidly over the past few years, but the way people use those photos has evolved even faster, morphing into its own form of instant communication.

“Everyone can claim to have a great camera in their pocket but it’s not just about the megapixels or the perfect framing; we believe it’s what you do with the photo that counts. We want this new concept to focus in on the people behind the camera, because at Samsung, we believe they are the next big upgrade.”

So it’s about brand not tech; maybe people are wearying of tech at last.

Brave from Samsung and Mother.

MAA creative scale: 7.

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