Is adam&eve’s Halloween horror movie for Mars Temptations the cat’s whiskers?

No idea what adam&eveDDB has up its sleeve for John Lewis this Christmas but the agency has had another opportunity to flex its movie-making abilities. For Mars’ Temptations cat treats this Halloween.

In the middle of an ambitious multi-media/social effort is ‘Scaredy Cat,’ billed as the world’s first horror movie for cats (who clearly don’t like vegetables.) Production by BlinkInk, animation by Zombie Studio.

Involving 100 people people toiling away for 14 weeks to create, among other things, a miniature set with 400 handcrafted props. Plus the Waltham Petcare Science Institute – no less – to create sound frequencies to capture cats’ attention, so they watch it too.

Better be good then.

Temptations is also launching a Creepy Catnip flavour, as you do. There are also some striking movie-style posters.

Good to see A&E back on a big stage. And Mars of course, one of the more enlightened advertisers.

MAA creative scale: 9.

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