Droga5 London’s comedy creds to the fore for Amazon Alexa

It’s a different world out there for the tech giants – we’ve been hearing about the cozy search arrangement between Google and Appple which nets Apple “services” billions a year.

Amazon, which has dodged most of the bullets so far, is certainly one the world’s biggest advertisers (although it won’t say how much it spends or, indeed, anything much about its ads) and it’s back with a global campaign for Alexa from Droga5 London. Budgets may be going down elsewhere, with shorter time frames and everything chucked at VOD, but not at Amazon.

And it’s not afraid to show Alexa users as demented couch potatoes.

D5’s London outpost is showing a deft touch with these comedy old-style ads. School of Canal+ but no worse for that.

MAA creative scale: 8.

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