Post-lockdown creativity: Lloyds Bank black horse rides to the rescue of a battered nation

Here we go again, the Lloyds Bank black horse is back – courtesy of trainer adam&eveDDB – this time to tell us it’s: “By the side of a nation that never stands still.”

To wit we get lots of businesses doing their best to survive the pandemic with families trying to enjoy the (relatively) few activities still allowed by the Government.

Has Lloyds done its bit in the crisis? Seem to have. Let’s hope some of that money gets paid back.

Lloyds’ Richard Warren says: “The next chapter of our horse story, Forever Forwards, recognises and celebrates the resilience of British people and businesses we serve. The advert represents a diverse range of customers from all across the nation as they move forward, and above all reminds customers that we are by their side during these extraordinary times.”

Adam&eveDDB’s Tammy Einav says: “In a world that’s always changing, the Lloyds Bank black horse represents both continuity and momentum. We wanted to make an optimistic ad about new beginnings, and use the brand’s famous icon to provide reassurance that Lloyds is always there for customers.”

We haven’t always been the biggest fan of this campaign – horses are horses not banks – but you have to admit it grinds you into submission in the end. This is a timely spin.

MAA creative scale: 7.

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