Get ready for a Brexit summer holiday: ‘Check, Change, Go’

Covid put an end to this year’s European summer holiday for many, but don’t worry, Brexit is not going to get in the way of a 2021 getaway — as long as we follow the government’s advice to “Check, Change, Go.”

Yes, it’s another three word mantra from our leaders. But the upbeat message and images can’t conceal the fact that travel is going to be more complicated and expensive from 1 January 2021.

The small print on the government’s “Transition” website drearily reminds us that rules around passport validity, access to healthcare, driving, mobile phone charges, and pet travel may all be different next year.

Wendy Morton, Minister for the European Neighbourhood (who knew we had one of those?), said: “The campaign launching today will help British nationals prepare for visits to Europe by bringing together all the information they need to know in one place so they can plan in advance and get on with their trip.”

At least the newly-named Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office is planning ahead, and we all need something to look forward to at the moment. Although it remains to be seen whether this campaign will be enough to prevent a raft of “Travel chaos” headlines next year.

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