Republican Lincoln Project backs Joe Biden: now it gets harder

The Lincoln Project – anti-Trump conservative Republicans – has so far concentrated on attacking the Donald for his perceived failures in combating coronavirus and other pressing matters – but now it’s come out for Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden.

Uncle Joe ( a worrying 78 but if Rupert Murdoch can go on to 90…) is depicted as an embodiment of ‘decency’ here: helping out a fellow stutterer. Trump, naturally, is featured mocking the problem.

Always harder these days to depict politicians as good rather than self-obsessed megalomaniacs.

Meanwhile our self-obsessed megalomaniac may just have found the issue that might save him: guns and violence on America’s streets even though the climate he’s helped to create must surely be a factor.

There’s a cheering thought as we look forward to a holiday weekend in the UK.

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