Epic’s ‘1984’ spoof is a painful reminder for Apple

Apple is coming under the hammer from all quarters these days, the latest is from Epic Games whose attempt to sidestep the 30% commission Apple Store led to a ban on its big-selling Fortnite video game. Epic is suing the mighty Apple, yikes.

Time was, of course, when Apple was a disruptor, aiming famously at over-mighty and controlling tech entities (chiefly Microsoft.) Most famously encapsulated in Ridley Scott famous ‘1984’ Super Bowl ad in 1984. Epic is hitting back with its own version.

Scott says he doesn’t think much of it, it could have helped with bigger issues. But as a blow in the privates for Apple it’s well-nigh perfect.

All the more so as what Apple has become is what it always maintained it didn’t want too be – over-mighty and controlling.

MAA creative scale: 9.

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