EE plumbs new depths of irritation with latest Bacon effort

What’s the most annoying ad on mainstream TV (on daytime they’re all annoying.)

Kevin Bacon has been annoying us for years in his one-man quest to plug EE but this latest – from Saatchi and Saatchi presumably – takes the bacon..sorry, biscuit.

Is it really credible that you’ll respond with incredulous wonder (as “Doug” does here) to some to some crazy who plonks himself by you on a (socially-distanced) park bench and starts banging on about EE winning UK network of the year for the seventh time? Thereby inducing “network envy.”

People obviously talk about mobile networks from time to time, in the UK generally to conclude that they’re all crap. If EE’s the best, God help us.

Someone at EE obviously loves this drivel, presumably because it’s a pat on the back for them.

Bacon and Saatchi should know better.

MAA creative scale: 0

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