Barilla tops the post-lockdown feel-good stakes with rooftop Roger Federer

Here’s a (post-ish) lockdown win-win, two young Italian girls Vittoria and Carola became a viral hit when they played rooftop tennis (across two buildings.)

So We Are Social Milan for Barilla decided to surprise them with their hero, all-round good guy Roger Federer, who takes them on. Prior to a pasta lunch, naturally.

Luca Barilla says: “Roger is like this: he is a man, a father, an extraordinary athlete that, when you meet him, he widens your eyes with amazement for his humanity and “lightness” in the way he behaves, as well as for the smile that never fades on his face. We are honoured to have him by our side.”

Good choice Luca.

Like the bit where the girls says that they thought it was “just another interview” before Rog appears. Stars in the making, clearly.

Sweet: very good from We Are Social and clever of Barilla.

MAA creative scale: 9.

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