Post-lockdown creativity: Audible, Carlsberg, London Zoo

Is Amazon sustaining the ad business single-handed? Audible audio books is yet another Amazon company (those with long memories might recall that Amazon began as an online bookseller) and here’s a lively effort from Fold7, substituting your imagination for all those places you can’t travel to. Nicely assembled by director Mark Denton.

Fold7 CCO Ryan Newey says: “We need a creative shift in mood and with summer plans shelved, it’s a good time to spread a little joy. Recasting Audible as the ideal travel partner for lockdown, transporting us to exciting and faraway literary destinations, we felt we could have some fun harking back to an era when the advertising was as special as travel itself.”

Fold7 also produced a pretty decent ad for the post-lockdown ‘Great Escape’ to the pub for Carlsberg (mercifully Dane-free.). We’ve all experienced joggers like these.

Post-lockdown stresses and strains are affecting the animal kingdom – sort of – so Wunderman Thompson is making a plea for London Zoo and its country home Whipsnade (both part of ZSL) with Sir David Attenborough rattling the tin for the supposedly threatened 20,000 animals. ZSL, just re-opened, has lost lots of money in lockdown although your sympathies are somewhat muted by the eye-watering amounts it charges for admission.

And even the most beastly of Boris’ crew would surely not allow 20,000 animals to go under.

MAA creative scales:

Audible: 7.

Carlsberg: 7.


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