Lincoln Project aims for jugular (again), MullenLowe soft sells no more EU to business

It’s a funny old world when the politicos are sustaining advertising. Of all the communications we’ve seen on either side of the Atlantic (and there are other places besides, obviously) the Lincoln Project’s howitzers aimed at Donald Trump are the most powerful. Lincoln Project is comprised of anti-Trump conservative Republicans: they think their party’s president is unconstitutional.

Trump is apparently planning to spend $150m or thereabouts on his own pre-Presidential campaign. This could get messy.

Meanwhile, back in dear old Blighty, the Government – which has just decided that we can spread coronavirus without masks for another ten days (it now says it believes masks do help stop the virus in confined spaces like shops after three months saying they didn’t) – has remembered that we’re going to topple out of our current trading agreement with the EU at the end of the year.

So MullenLowe – which has become the UK government’s de facto Ministry of Information with its work for the NHS and the like – is gently reminding businesses that they need to “check, change, go” if we’re to avoid another economic armageddon, with Covid still around (customers wearing masks certainly aren’t going to help retail get back on its feet.)

As ever with MullenLowe it’s measured and non-hectoring. Wonder what the team working on it thought? Are they Brexiteers?

Count your change might be better advice. Good that somebody believes in advertising anyway.

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