BMB takes Beefeater back to London roots in ad debut

It can’t be easy producing a global campaign in lockdown but BMB has done a pretty decent job in a global campaign for new client Beefeater gin.

A world stuffed full of designer gins doesn’t make life any easier for a traditional London Dry Gin but BMB gives a flavour of the gin and the capital.

Beefeater global brand director Murielle Dessenis says: “Beefeater can trace is distilling heritage back to 1820 London and the city is an integral part of urban life. By creatively combining the emerging contrasts that live and breathe in modern London, and indeed in many cities all around the world, we’re confident that ‘The Spirit of London’ campaign will more meaningfully connect with our consumers and refresh their love for life in the city.”

BMB MD Claudia Wallace says: “The Spirit of London campaign truly inspires young urbanites the world over to love where they live and remind them that the city is a place rich in culture and experiences. With London being a global epicenter of clashing cultures and the home of Beefeater Gin, Beefeater is in the privileged and unique position to celebrate this and inspire people to go forth and soak up urban life, B&T in hand.”

MAA creative scale: 7.

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