Omnicom folds Proximity into Rapp Worldwide

Omnicom boss John Wren has responded vigorously to the Covid-19 crisis, with anticipated measures sich as layoffs, furloughs and salary cuts. Including some high profile (and presumably expensive) people at its agencies which include BBDO and DDB.

Now it’s merging two of what we used to call its direct marketing agencies into one: Rapp Worldwide (aligned with DDB) is absorbing Proximity (BBDO). Both are part of Omnicom’s Precision Marketing Group (OPMG.)

Boss is Rapp Worldwide global CEO Marco Scognamiglio (above.) He says: “Unifying these agencies under the Rapp brand accelerates the opportunity for our clients and our talent to benefit from a breadth of skills that rival any agency’s. We already partner together on a number of clients globally, and this will clearly establish our UK office, with more than 500 employees, as a flagship agency within the Rapp Worldwide global network.”

Whether or not there are still 500 plus employees in London after the merger remains to be seen. Most of Omnicom’s UK agencies now inhabit a vast new HQ on London’s South Bank.

There’ll be many more such mergers amid the holding companies as the year unfolds. Proximity has been a good outfit and it’s a shame to see it disappear.

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