London agency Don’t Panic wins WaterAid

International charity WaterAid has appointed Don’t Panic to handle a three to five year campaign to help it bring clean water and associated hygiene to poor and marginalised communities.

Mary Chirwa, 22, with daughter Mwaiwawo, 2, collecting water from a well close to her village of Moffat, Malawi.
The agency is currently developing a Coronavirus response campaign showing how the pandemic is afflicting countries in the global South that don’t have access to clean water, even in hospitals.

WaterAid mass engagement director Johnty Gray says: “In an era in which some traditional media has become ineffective, compelling storytelling remains one of the best ways to engage and activate audiences.

“Don’t Panic fits beautifully into this space and has a good track record of finding the singular truth amongst the noise. We’ll work well together.”

Don’t Panic’s Joe Wade says: “ We have worked with a fair number of charities and NGOs over the years. Many of them have admired or even envied WaterAid for being the best in the business. Now we get to work with them to keep it that way, which is excellent!”

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