Coronavirus creativity: Skoda, Dove and Facebook

Ads are a touch restricted at the moment (you may have noticed) but Skoda and agency Optimist have succeeded in making the best of it with three new films – ‘discover new possibilities.’

Here’s director Steffen Haars. Producer is Halal.

Optimist CCO Ton Hollander says: “In times where ‘the normal’ becomes ‘the odd’, you have to leave the beaten path to move forward. When the pandemic hit, our industry was (and is) confronted with radical new propositions forcing us to go back to the very core of creativity – coming up with unconventional solutions for newly emerged challenges.”

Dove is having a pretty good Covid war and Ogilvy Paris is entering the fray with a user-generated spin on the perils of cutting hair at home.

While Facebook’s Messenger Rooms via Leo Burnett Chicago (making its debut) has gone to the trouble of enlisting the Gondry brothers in its latest effort to cash in on (sorry, help us through) the crisis.

With a cover of a Beatles tune (guessing where it’s from would be good for a pub quiz.)

Skoda: best thing it’s done for ages – MAA creative scale: 8.

Dove: burnishes its reputation in the crisis – ditto, 8.

Facebook: accomplished, as you’d expect. Not entirely sure that advertising is, so far, doing the mighty job it needs to for Facebook. Then, again, few clients have so many PR problems. Amazon’s still ahead in this particular game.

MAA creative scale: 6.5.

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