BBH’s John Bartle, Nigel Bogle and John Hegarty: our MAA blasts from the past

Sir Nigel Bogle.

Nigel Bogle was the account man in the dream team of Bartle Bogle Hegarty that launched in 1982. The agency set the standard for analysis and intellect combined with creativity. He was knighted for services to advertising in 2013.

My MAA blast from the past

Perhaps a surprising choice as it is a radio commercial. Heineken Canbusters. Not to be confused with the Wight Collins Carling Black Label Dambusters.

It is the story of a WW2 bomber returning home after a raid, the captain and the gunner are all that is left of the aircraft. Brilliantly written. Wonderfully paced. Perfect voice casting. And an immortal line, “I’d do it myself, Hoskins, if it weren’t for this dashed idleness.” Hoskins and Heineken save the day. I wouldn’t change a single second of it.

Why don’t they write them like this anymore?

History of Advertising Trust. Creative team Mike Stephenson and Derek Apps.

What made BBH special

Audi. One of BBH’s foundation accounts and still at the agency today: Vorsprung durch Technik. Here’s a yuppie from 1994, maybe the only case of an advertiser paying for rejection – ‘Not my style.’

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