BBC Sounds ‘butchers’ a singalong version of Bowie’s ‘Heroes’

The BBC has cemented its place as a national treasure during the Covid-19 crisis, and this film does a good job of underpinning that status without resorting to Zoom, thank goodness.

It’s celebrating the “Great British Singalong,” which the BBC puts on every Thursday morning, and is made by BBC Creative and its ECD Helen Rhodes, a Brit who was previously at Wieden + Kennedy Portland.

Lambros Charalambous, creative head of BBC Sounds, said: “The BBC’s Great British singalong has quickly become one of the nation’s favourite ways to stay connected and in good spirits during lockdown. And in true British style it is done with gusto and a total disregard for melody. We wanted to capture the spirit of togetherness it generated but in a way that felt befitting of its scale. Step in a tower block and its residents, a camera crew consisting of drones, and a legendary song butchered in the spirit of togetherness.”

It’s like a lockdown, everyman version of the BBC’s famous “Perfect Day” film by Leagas Delaney from 1997, which surely qualifies as an MAA Blast From the Past.

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