Can Julia Roberts pull off an unlikely Mother’s Day triumph for Lancôme and Kinetic?

Will there be a Mother’s Day this year? If mum’s of a certain age she may be self-isolating and you’ll need to push the flowers through the door.

Or you can, if you’re brave, nip down to London’s Westfield shopping centre and say hello to Julia Roberts, courtesy of Lancôme and Kinetic Worldwide. La Roberts is appearing on a special build poster, dress cascading from the banner.

Kinetic Active’s Sam O’Connell says: “We’re thrilled to have worked with Lancôme to bring this fantastic campaign to the heart of Westfield London. We believe that the future of marketing is increasingly public, and this campaign perfectly embodies that. It’s a wonderful example of a simple and elegant creative execution in the perfect space to raise awareness and inspire engaged audiences.

“The addition of a special build element ensures the campaign not only looks beautiful; it means it’s completely unmissable. C’est Magnifique.”

Let’s hope so. Out of Home has profited mightily through its ability to target people on the move, which means these are especially trying times as most people are moving as little as possible. In theory there should be a spike in in-home TV ad revenues.

Uncharted territory indeed.

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