Veteran star creatives launch ancient&modern

Two survivors of the golden age of British advertising are launching a new creative agency. Copywriter Adrian Holmes, former CCO of Lowe Worldwide, and art director John O’Driscoll, an alumnus of the great CDP and then an award-winning commercials director, are teaming with Seamus O’Farrell, formerly AMV and BBH, to launch the aptly named ancient&modern.

Holmes (above left, next O’Farrell and O’Driscoll) says: “We think the advertising pendulum is beginning to swing away from so-called ‘performance marketing’ simply because more and more clients are becoming disillusioned with it.

“Now they’re re-evaluating the power of classic brand advertising, using print, TV and radio. The trouble is, those same clients are finding that there aren’t that many practitioners out there who still have the craft skills required.

“And that’s where we come in.

“As we say in our launch ad, we may not get to the top of the stairs as fast as our younger rivals – but we like to think we’ll arrive at a great advertising idea a lot quicker than they will.”

Here’s the launch ad.

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