Sex still sells: Pretty Little Thing ad bans don’t dent figures

Pictured is the most wholesome moment of the ad — the pole dancing and the faux leather chaps will have to be left to the imagination, because Pretty Little Thing’s ad has now been banned by the ASA.

It’s not the first of theirs to fall foul of the regulators, but the brand goes from strength to strength: looking at Love Island and J-Lo’s half time Super Bowl show, perhaps chaps are the new normal.

PLT’s sales were up 44% in the last ten months of 2019, and Boohoo Group — which owns PLT and other online fast fashion retailers — is now worth more than Marks & Spencer in stock market value.

M&S’s wholesome new clothing ad, by agency ODD, shows young people in head-to-toe denim, all dancing to Donna Summer in a field. There has to be a happy medium somewhere.

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