Pepsi Max rolls out star-packed yawn-inducing football epic

Pepsi Max has unveiled its new Champions League epic from AMV BBDO with Raheem Sterling and Paul Pogba joining Leo Messi and Mohamed Salah (Pogba has plenty of time on his hands as he’s injured) in an extension of the #Fortheloveofit campaign.

It has all the bells and whistles you’d expect (including QR codes on some cans so you can play keepy-uppy with the stars) and shows the boys joshing around in their supposedly winning way.

Nothing wrong with it production-wise, nicely directed by Henry Scholfield.

But aren’t you a bit fed up with multi-millionaire Carlos Kickaballs trying to show they’re just like the rest of us – when, demonstrably, they are not?

The likes of Pepsi pay zillions to boost the already bulging pay packets of their “assets” and some of them have become pretty good at ads, even the hitherto completely wooden Messi.

But it’s just an expensive yawn isn’t it?

MAA creative scale: 4.

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