Gatorade’s GOAT Camp banks on star appeal

Pepsi’s Gatorade has joined the flood of brands pouring money into the already bulging pockets of sports stars, this time it’s lined up Leo Messi, Serena Williams, Michael Jordan and Usain Bolt as founder members of its GOAT Camp. All clear?

No? GOAT stands for Greatest Of All Time, silly. Well they might be, not far off anyway. How does Messi fit all these ads in, what with the day job? Is he a Pepsico shareholder? At least Jordan and Bolt have retired. By TBWA.

Makes sense in that Gatorade is a supposedly sporty drink and they are, indeed, big stars so the campaign’s already had lots of publicity. And, clearly, a budget to match.

But it’s yet more celeb-stuffed nonsense from the US (and Pepsico.) Does GOAT Camp hack it as an idea?

MAA creative scale: 4.

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