‘Advertising pays’ is core message of Bloomberg bid

Michael Bloomberg is up from four per cent to 19 per cent among Democratic voters and, despite getting a pasting from his rival candidates the other night, looks set to face off against Bernie Sanders for the Democratic Presidential nomination.

His rivals say he’s trying to buy the nomination (and thereafter the election presumably) and they have a point. So far he’s estimated to have spent $500m on ads from his considerable fortune ($62bn so he’s still got some left.)

The ads are slicker than his public performances. Here’s his Super Bowl effort, which didn’t play that well with Super Bowl audiences but is doing better online. It’s about gun crime.

“Now we have a dog in the fight,” says the bereaved mother and that’s a powerful story for many Democrat voters.

As WPP’s ad guru Brian Wieser says: “Advertising works – that’s the obvious, single biggest takeaway.”

This munificence may make even adland supporters uncomfortable but when the enemies are Trump and the gun lobby…

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