Will brand ‘Sussex Royal’ be the new brand Beckham?

A source “close to Prince Harry” told Vanity Fair that Meghan and Harry “plan to be the royal version of the Beckhams.” Apparently, a major reason for the couple standing down from the Royal Family is so that they can “build their own Sussex Royal brand,” which they think will bring in enough income to replace all that money from the taxpayer and Prince Charles.

“Building their brand is the most important thing to them right now,” the source said. “I think it might be more important than their royal ties because they are already so huge, so successful and so popular – particularly in the US which is where they really see their brand taking off. Meghan is seriously bright and business savvy and together they have come up with a plan to be the royal version of the Beckhams.”

As if proof were needed that Meghan has the potential to be a dream influencer for many clothing brands, she’s already done a nice turn in an ad for Reitman’s jeans, and her well-judged decision to wear a £45 Marks & Spencer jumper to an official engagement in Brixton resulted in the item selling out instantly.

But why stop there? She could launch her own Sussex Royal clothing brand. If Victoria Beckham can do it, anyone can – although she might find her husband doesn’t yet have the money that David spends on bailing out the losses every year.

A move into TV looks on the cards too, thanks to their friendship with Oprah Winfrey and a shared interest in mental health issues. They could always take some tips from uncle Prince Edward on how not to do it: remember the disastrous “It’s a Royal Knockout” in 1987, when stroppy Edward pulled in favours from celebrity pals like Les Dawson, Su Pollard, Paul Daniels, and convicted paedophile Stuart Hall?

If they really want to go all-out brand Beckham, they will have to provide a few more siblings for baby Archie. At least the “royal” bit of their (already-trademarked) Sussex Royal brand will exempt them from having to choose outlandish kids’ names and overdo the tattoos.

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