David Miami unveils Budweiser Super Bowl bid

Fewer Super Bowl ads seem to have surfaced early this year (after all if you’re spending $5m on thirty seconds it may as well be a premiere.)

Budweiser, a Super Bowl regular, has probably spent rather more on this and WPP’s David Miami is in the chair, riffing on erroneous views of “typical Americans.”

The Super Bowl (on February 2) is a bit like adland’s version of Patriot Games and Budweiser has mined American-ness many times before. This year, of course, we have Presidential campaign ads from Donald Trump and Michael (call me Mike) Bloomberg, two billionaires who clearly believe in advertising. Broadcaster Fox is keeping them well away from other advertisers, which seems wise.

This one from Budweiser? Not bad, keeps you interested and doesn’t overplay the patriot card.

MAA creative scale: 6.5.

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