Bud Light to join seltzer wars with Super Bowl blitz

So-called ‘hard seltzers’ are taking the US drinks market by storm – leader White Claw does over $1.5bn in sales – so everyone’s jumping on the bandwagon of these revolting-sounding combos of carbonated water, five per cent alcohol and various fruit flavours. The hook, apparently, is that they’re typically only 100 calories.

Budweiser’s Bud Light, inevitably, is hitching a ride on the above wagon, with a launch via Wieden+Kennedy New York, just in time for the Super Bowl on February 2. To which end W+K has invented a town called Seltzer.

Will we see people swigging this on the tube in the UK? Will you be allowed to?

The Super Bowl’s shaping up to be a diverting ad fest: we’ll have Donald Trump and Michael Bloomberg and, likely, dozens of these.

Maybe the whole thing should carry a health warning.

MAA creative scale: 5.

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