Audible finds a moment of calm in social media mayhem – the Army’s agin it too

Social media mayhem was a recurring theme in ads in 2019 – how did we end up here? – and it plays into the hands of audio books and podcast company Audible in a new iteration from Fold7.

Audible director of brand marketing Matthew Parker says: “Our latest campaign continues to remind people that there’s a more enriching alternative to mindless applications, and that their time could be better spent with Audible. We’re delighted with the creative and the way Fold7 have brought our brand positioning to life with such energy.”

Nicely done by director Simon Willows and Agile films, down to the Grand Central-ish location (good for jeopardy.)

MAA creative scale: 8.

The British Army is taking on another social media nasty, influencers, in its latest campaign purporting to show that it instils real confidence in its soldiers, as opposed to the fake stuff peddled by influencers.

Quite brave but…

Isn’t there a better reason to be shot at? This is a war zone after all.

MAA creative scale: 5.

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