TimeTo lays down the Christmas party rules

TimeTo and agency Lucky Generals are going in to bat for better behaviour in adland again, this time with a campaign telling people what’s on and what’s not at the Christmas party. Actually it’s what’s not.

We’ve attended a few agency Christmas parties in our time but invitations are few and far between these days (a relief.) People don’t want stray hacks at their celebrations.

But is adland so bad it needs these somewhat heavy-handed strictures? Going to a Christmas party shouldn’t be a career-ending event. Not so much, maybe, that you might step out of line but you decide some people in the agency (presumably) are so vile that you don’t want to be a part of it any more.

Are they really? Must have missed something (the drinks, the drugs..)

Just cancel the bloody thing.

MAA creative scale: not really the point.

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