Super Bowl 2020 sells out at $5.2m a pop

People have been reading the last rites over TV for years now but the message evidently hasn’t got through to Super Bowl advertisers. It’s Fox’s turn to broadcast the highlight of the NFL season in 2020 and all 77 in-game spots are sold, with a top price of $5.6m for thirty seconds, according to reports, and an average of $5.2m.

2019’s average was $4.8m, so that’s a substantial hike, even though this year’s Super Bowl “only” pulled in 98 million viewers, the lowest in 11 years. Even so, $400m or so will make Fox Television Network’s new owner Disney, very happy even as it plans to spend billions on streaming. And there are still around-the-game spots to be sold.

PS There are also reports that the Donald J. Trump for President campaign is buying a TV commercial in what will be Super Bowl LIV. Is Democrat contender Mike Bloomberg confident enough to gatecrash the party?

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