KFC sends tongue-in-cheek best wishes to turkey sufferers

KFC and agency Mother seems to be one of the happier relationships in UK adland (shouldn’t say that – hostage to fortune) and, following last year’s Christmas combat between a chicken and a turkey, this year they’ve gone for a series of short films.

Bet everyone at the agency wasn’t thrilled about that.

KFC UK head of advertising and retail Kate Wall says: “Burnt, overdone, chewy, dry… we’ve all got a turkey horror story. And they’re usually enough to keep any family’s designated chef up all Christmas Eve.

“This year we wanted our Christmas campaign to take an irreverent, cheeky look at the ritual that has become ‘Christmas Turkey’. Wishing everyone good luck with the turkey on 25th December. ‘Cos until then we’ve got you.”

Irreverent and cheeky isn’t the easiest thing to pull off but Mother has been doing it for KFC for a couple of years now, in effect positioning the chicken giant as a challenger brand.

This is good too.

MAA creative scale: 8.

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