Droga5 pays off for Accenture in big Kimberly-Clark win

Is Droga5 the not-so-secret weapon that will propel Accenture Interactive into the global elite of creative networks?

Kimberly-Clark thinks so anyway, moving the bulk of its worldwide baby and child care creative business out of WPP into Accenture and citing Droga5 as the clincher.

Kimberly-Clark chief growth officer Alison Lewis, said of the switch: “Technology (Accenture’s forte) without creativity or ideas really doesn’t work” and of Accenture without Droga5: “I’m not sure that would have given us the full solution.”

Incumbent WPP keeps the business in Asia-Pacific and Canada while its Mindshare agency continues to handle most of Kimberly-Clark’s media. K-C has yet to announced a LatAm creative winner. Wonder if Accenture is racing to tie up a creative agency deal there?

It’s a big win for Accenture which lost out in the recent pitch for Nivea to Publicis with WPP, once again, in a lesser role.

WPP CEO Mark Read will be pleased to stay in the game on these two fronts but worried that the ad giant currently seems to lack a game-changing creative force like Omnicom’s BBDO, independent Wieden+Kennedy and, it seems, Droga5 in the US. Most big creative reviews are decided there and New York’s D5 has plugged a big gap for Accenture.

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