Does more equal less as advertisers – like Pepsico – try to cram everything into their ads?

Here’s a Christmas number from Pepsico’s FritoLay (who came up with that name?) featuring actress Anna Kendrick cramming in all FL’s many brands to the tune of ‘My Favourite Things.’

There’s also a new one from adam&evenyc with Ryan Reynolds plugging Samsung TVs, Netflix and his own Aviator gin but we won’t bore you with that.

Devised in-house by the client and it certainly shows. Ms Kendrick, clearly a trouper, certainly does her best but this particular two minutes can seem a long time.

This is a big campaign in the US so there’s certainly an argument to trying to make it work for Doritos, Cheetos et al. And Kendrick has star appeal so people will watch it.

But only once, we suspect.

In its time Pepsico has made some great ads but also produced a lot of dross – usually by trying too hard to be different.

MAA creative scale: 3.

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