Wunderman Thompson’s global debut for Duracell shows early promise

This is a big one for the (relatively) newly minted Wunderman Thompson, its debut global campaign for Duracell since winning the business back in April.

Duracell, once in the P&G fold, is now owned by Warren Buffet’s Berkshire Hathaway, which has fingers in lots of big global pies including Kraft Heinz and Burger King. Wunderman Thompson now describes itself as a “creative, data and technology agency” all of which no doubt had something to do with the win. But what we want to know is, can it still cut it as a creative agency?

So we have the ubiquitous Duracell bunny as a modern “superhero,” here helping a US president with a spot of bother from aliens.

And here (better probably because there’s not so much SFX to squeeze in to thirty seconds) an embarrassing moment in front of the TV.

Does the bunny need that super-irritating American whine? Yes, it’s global but they don’t all sound like that.

Not bad, the first one needed longer. Is that the data munchkins getting in the way?

Mr Read will be relieved.

MAA creative scale; 7.

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