Wonderhood debuts PitPat for dogs with co-funder UKTV

Missed this one first time round but as it’s from Wonderhood Studios, one of the brave new wave of hybrid agencies spanning broadcast and ads, let’s take a look.

One of the boom activities (one hesitates to call it an industry yet) in London anyway is dog-walking which takes the hassle out of owning a cockapoo or whatever (once you’ve shelled out a grand or so and arranged for the organic food parcels.) PitPat seems to be a FitBit for pooches.

It’s the product of a partnership between UKTV Ventures (spun out of the TV channels) and PitPat, hence the TV and video campaign. Wonderhood is helmed by former Channel 4 boss David Abraham.

Director of UKTV Ventures Sheena Amin says: “We’re delighted to be partnering with PitPat to help grow its brand through TV advertising on our network. UKTV Ventures is committed to helping companies new to TV advertising build their brand and scale up by benefiting from the wide reach, trust and recognition only achieved through TV advertising. I’m looking forward to seeing the positive impact that PitPat’s engaging ad will undoubtedly have on the growth of its business.”

Interesting notion: broadcasters helped to fund their own advertisers.

As an ad? Lively and energetic – remember though, guys, that it’s good to explain exactly what the product does.

MAA creative scale; 5.

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